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One last drive. 

Hello Eastern Time Zone! After days and days of dirt and cacti, it’s nice to finally see some real grass!

Well here we are in Central Ohio for the last leg of our trip. This is the longest stay, and the last ride, which will also be the longest. We’re staying at the Autumn Lakes Campground in Sunbury: it’s awesome. The campground itself is super fun, there’s playgrounds, a wonderful pool, a petting zoo, and even a spa. This is “glamping” at it’s finest. You can paddleboat or play basketball, run through the water park, even do a little shopping. Besides how family friendly the campground is itself, the views are beautiful; farms and fields all around, and two ponds complete with a family of ducks that wonder around past your site.

It took us a while to get here, and by the end we were all happy to just sit still and be out of the car. Oklahoma was luckily uneventful, except for when Pops lost his wallet in the bathroom…luckily someone found it and turned it in. (Surely before we get home the keys will be lost at some point.) We were able for the first time on our trip to have an actual COOKED meal, not just fast food, and sit for more than 3 minutes. Alas, after the one night, we packed up and moved on once again.

Following Sallisaw, we made our way to Northern Nashville. On our way to Nashville, we stopped at Union University in Jackson, we “awe’d” and “oh my gosh look how cute that is!” all the way there. Union was beautiful, a really “collegiate” looking campus, nothing like we are used to in Boston where everything is spread out and built into already existing neighborhoods. Luckily there was a Panera in town, and everyone was happy to fill their tummies with something that wasn’t Sonic or McDonalds.

The campsite in Nashville was nothing to write home about. We pulled in around 11 pm, set up, and went to bed. We woke up around nine to 100 degree heat, packed up quickly, and got the hell out. There was nothing to this campground; it was right next to the high way, and other than bathrooms, nothing but a few sites. Nothing remotely exciting unless you are staying in the city for a few days to eat, shop and explore.


After a few belly rubs of some pups and kitties, we continued onwards with our journey to where we are now. It was a slightly shorter drive than the day before, and everyone was happy for that, plus the beautiful campsite that was at the end of it all. We were supposed to pack up on Thursday morning and head to Pennsylvania, but as soon as we got here we asked if we could stay another night, and just do one last LONG drive back to Holden. It’s too nice, and everyone is honestly just too happy to be in one place.

It seems weird that in just two days we’ll be home! My family hasn’t stepped foot in our house in over a month, and it’s getting close to that amount of time for me as well. It’s been an awesome time, but I’m ready to be back in my own bed again, with a door to close, and Leonard waking me up in the morning with his loud meows.

Summer has gone by SO fast, I can’t believe that soon it’ll be over. For the first time since fall 2011, I won’t be going back to school. I have three job interviews in Boston next week, and soon will quickly start planning for the next few years of my life. Of course there will be more schooling, more studying, and more money spent, but what’s awesome is I didn’t know even just three months ago how this summer would go, and how I would feel at the end.

Everyone kept asking me in late April and early May what my plan was for after school, and the response was usually, “Eh, I’m not sure, I’ll figure it out,” but that wasn’t something I was actually comfortable with. I spent the last four years trying to do everything so perfect, get perfect grades, have the perfect resume, get the perfect job; at the end of it all, despite people telling me this all along, I completely forgot how to relax, laugh, and enjoy life. I threw myself into such a whirlwind that I was having three panic attacks a week, sleeping three hours a night, and not eating more than a bagel a day. I’ve learned this summer that sometimes you need to be uncomfortable and down on your luck in order for you to really figure out how things are going to pan out. And believe me, I’ve been pretty uncomfortable and down on my luck these past few months.

I went out to California looking for adventure in a new place, some good eats, and a little time away from Boston. Sure, I got all that, but I discovered so much more about myself during that time as well. For the first time in my life, I had closure in the fact I don’t want to pursue what I had initially gone to school for. Something I never thought I would feel, but at the end of it all, I realized that feeling this was absolutely fine. People change their minds in life, and things don’t always have to go according as planned. I didn’t have a traditional start to college, and so I don’t know why I thought I would have a “traditional, easy end.” No one is going to be a Sports Information Director right out of college.

I wasn’t sure what this experiance would be, but I knew it would be something, which is I took the opportunity. I think the lesson here is to take every opportunity that comes your way, especially if it’s free, because you never know how it could change your life.

Alright ya’ll, this is the last post in my little series, thank’s for coming along with me for the ride (pun intended). I’m going to continue with this blog as much as I can, keeping up with restaurants I visit, and places I go. It’s a nice way for me to keep track of how my life is changing, so if you’re at all the least bit interested in what the next few months hold, keep reading. I know it’s only going to get more interesting from here on.

Peace out! Stay woke.

Ps. Please vote.

Howdy, from Oklahoma! 

It’s now day five of our road trip back to Mass, and it’s been an interesting adventure. 

We got out to a rough start; we decided to ditch our campsite the first night and keep driving to Bakersfield and get a motel room, where our van was broken into and a huge amount of our luggage stolen. I’ll spare you the gory details, but needless to say, it was a very unpleasant next day. Nonetheless, we got back into the car, (down some bags, clothes and a window) and headed to Needles California. 

Needles, or as mom calls it, “the Sun”, was pretty uneventful. After a really long day on Thursday, we got there around midnight. Luckily we were staying in a cabin, so no setup of the camper was required. When we got there it was still 105 degrees, and by the time we left at 9:30 the next morning, it was already 110. The high for the day was projected to be 121! Not a place for me. Wanting to beat the heat, after some quick showers we set off for Albuquerque. 

Driving to Albuquerque was where I first really got to see some awesome scenery. We drove all the way through Arizona; canyons, desert and trains all the way there. We arrived in Albuquerque earlier than we did in Needles, but still in the dark. Again, we were in a cabin, but this one wasn’t as great. When we got there I sat on my bed…only to realize that the mattress didn’t fit, awesome. Sleeping on an angle resulted in a sore neck for two days, but the campsite wasn’t bad, and it was nice to swim in the pool for a bit. We left the campsite around 11, and drove up to Santa Fe, where we picked up Nan at the the airport! We explored the city a little bit, peeking in some amazing stores filled with handmade Indian crafts, knives, and old western “swag”. After grabbing some food at Sonic for the second day in a row, we packed up our stuff, (what’s left of it anyway…) and headed to the Lone Star State.
Since we left Santa Fe about three hours later than we wanted to, and completely forgot to factor in a time change, we arrived in Amarillo around 2 am. Now of course, the latest night just happened to be the first night we were sleeping in the camper, so we got to bed probably around 3:30 am, only to be woken up by some really nice barking dogs and shouting people around 6:30! So awesome. After a few quick showers and a rearranging of bags, we headed off to the Sooner State. 

As I’m writing this, were about an hour away from tonight’s KOA site in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. We’ll be in the camper for the rest of the trip since the five of us and the dog are all here now. Tonight since we’ll actually be getting there at a reasonable time, we can actually do some cooking and “camping”, not just sleeping. Which after five days in the car we all need. Tomorrow we head to Nashville, and then two days in Ohio where we’ll go to the Columbus Zoo! Hopefully we’ll get to spend a little time out of the car in these places, depending on the time. 

Hope everyone’s keeping cool, it’s hot in the Midwest too! The thermometer says 98 right now. Miss you all, see you in six days! 

“Wine” in Napa

Hey all!

So tomorrow we head out on our road-trip back! We’re heading to some really cool places, so although this post won’t be super exciting, get ready for a couple of really awesome ones (hopefully, if I have wifi…)

We haven’t done much in the five day since I last posted; it hasn’t been very nice, and we’ve mostly just been trying to relax in our last few days here in a house before we’re on the road for nine days.

Friday we spent most of the day in the neighborhood. We grabbed lunch at a local Sunset District diner called the Bashful Bull II. When we walked in, we were the only ones there, the windows lined with empty booths. Unable to even fathom going somewhere else we were so hungry, we stayed anyway. Everyone got something different; grilled cheese, omelets, French toast, and I had the chicken fingers. You won’t go hungry here, as every meal comes with two or three sides, and the prices won’t empty your wallet, everything is under $12. If you’re not looking for a whole meal, the milkshakes are perfectly handmade to order, and the pie is fresh and warm with lots of ice cream.

After, we took a walk along Ocean Beach. In the day this beach is filled people walking their dogs and surfers, but by night, large groups of people take over the fire pits, lighting up the night, and the two windmills of Golden Gate Park. It’s a truly beautiful, and fun place to be on a Friday night.

Saturday we all piled into the car for one more “trip” before the long one. We made our way up to the one and only Napa, California. We spent the afternoon in the town center exploring the wine, shops, and waterfront that it offers. Obviously while we were there, we HAD to get lunch/wine, and so we settled on the local California chain Gott’s. Gott’s is not a typical burger place, they have every kind of burger you could imagine, with a California twist. I had the so-named “California Burger” topped with a Fried egg, Swiss cheese, bacon, arugula, balsamic onions & mayo on a toasted egg bun. This thing was AMAZING. Though you might not think that the flavors go well together, Gott’s does them perfectly. Mom had the Crispy Teriyaki Chicken sandwich, and though spicy, she gave it high remarks. Chicken, fried-crisp, tossed in house-made teriyaki sauce & served with romaine lettuce, pickled carrots & daikon radishes, jalapeños, cilantro, green onions, toasted sesame seeds & spicy mayo on a toasted egg bun, this is an INSANE sandwich, but be prepared you will not have any left. The turkey burgers, and mini corn dogs were also a favorite.

After lunch, we walked around and tested the shops. One such place, a little bakery called Sweetie Pies was so enticing that we all had to take a little something home. Now, I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but I can’t ever say no to Red Velvet Cake, and once I saw the Red Velvet Cake whoopie pie sitting on the counter, I knew I was done for. I don’t normally like whoopie pies, but this was one of the best pastries I have EVER had. The cake was moist and perfectly made, and the frosting was actually cream cheese frosting, rather than the normal whoopie pie thicker, more vanilla tasting frosting.


The rest of town is one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen. The streets are lined with boutiques, restaurants and cafes. If you need information, stop into the Napa Information Center, where you can book tours, find maps, and buy keepsakes. We did not get to tour a vineyard to much dismay, but the drive through to the town center is almost nearly enough.


Sunday and Monday were spent lounging, and getting ready to head home. It’s been a week of lying low, but don’t worry, adventure is coming soon! We head out around noon tomorrow, and our first stop is Pismo Beach, California! Looking forward to stopping at the Santa Monica Pier along the way! Wish us luck!


Eating, eating, and more eating…

Well, it’s day three of nothing but sun, and I can’t say I’m sorry about it! It’s nice to finally not be freezing all the time, and being able to wear sandals and sundresses. With this in mind, we’ve spent the majority of the last few days participating in outdoor activities.

Day Six

Up and early on a Monday morning, Ryan, Pops and I were in the car by 8 and on our way to the airport. With a little pit-stop to Panera, and almost no traffic, we were in and out of SFO in just a little over an hour. For such a large airport, it sure is a lot more convenient to pick up, and drop off, than Logan.

Because of a little bee mishap the night before, the rest of us spent the rest of the day lounging on the couch (this IS vacation after all) until Pops finished working. Around 3, we piled into the car and headed for a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge! We arrived at Muir Beach, and all I can say is wow. This beach makes you feel like you are the only one on the planet. Surrounded by nothing but mountains and water, you forget that you are only 15 minutes away from busy, overcrowded, San Francisco. What makes it even more interesting, is that the sand isn’t really sand…it’s tiny, tiny little pebbles; rainbow, round pebbles. We spend hours playing in the sand, scavenging these little beauties, and brought hundreds home.

After three hours at the beach, once it got too windy to bear, we headed into the breathtaking town of Sausalito. Sausalito is the “best kept secret” of San Francisco, and the moment you arrive, you can see why. The houses are all beautiful, the shops are original and plentiful, and the restaurants are incredible. More than slightly disappointed to learn that most shops here close at six, we walked around the not-so-quaint center of town popping in and out of the few that were still open.


San Francisco skyline from across the bay in Sausalito

After we had our fair share of ferry watching and sweatshirt-scavenging, we set off to find us some food. We had Faye with us, so we needed something quick and easy, choosing a place called Aurora Ristorante e Pizzeria, just outside the hustle and bustle, on the way back to the city. Parking isn’t great here; with only two spaces allotted in the garage below, and scarce street parking, many bike or walk to the corner side location. At first we were a little wary, as there were no customers inside, but we didn’t have too many choices on our side, so we plunged head first anyway. We ordered a few plates to share; an Ave Cesare (Caesar Salad), a Margherita pizza, and a Fettuccine Alfredo. When the food arrived, we knew we were in for a treat, and boy were we ever.

The salad was fresh, and dressing homemade (there was none left…). The pizza, we all agreed, was undoubtedly the best Margherita pizza we have ever had. The sauce was made to perfection, the crust, thin and crunchy, and the mozzarella was fresh, melted and stringy. I didn’t get to taste much of the alfredo in all honesty, but the little bit I did was great; pasta and rich, creamy sauce made in-house, with a portion just right. Besides the food, the service was great as well. Though at times it was hard to understand the straight-off-the-boat Italian waiters (one who did not speak a lick of English), they made the experience all that more enjoyable.

Day Seven

Day seven was another whole-family adventure, this time to Pier 39. Since we left Faye at home and wanted the leniency to leave when we wanted we drove, which gave us the opportunity to see a part of the city we hadn’t before. You think you’ve seen large city houses? Wait until you come up from the South West side of San Francisco. Beautiful houses line the streets on one side, the ocean and Golden Gate on the other. Once we arrived at the Pier we did a little snooping and shopping, and then once again decided it was time to eat.

No one was really in the mood for a “sit down” meal, and Pier 39 has some great “take away” options available for people on the go, so we chose to get a “snack” at Wipeout ToGo. Wipeout ToGo is literally a surfboard glued to the wall next to Wipeout Restaurant, with windows where you order and pick up. The menu is a limited menu of fried foods like chicken fingers, coconut shrimp and burgers. Everything is under $10, and the portions are large. We ordered the fish sandwich, popcorn shrimp and a burger. Everything comes with fries, and condiments. Mom and Pops split the fish sandwich, and Mom was almost ashamed to admit that even being from the east coast, it was the best fish sandwich she had ever had! Crispy, and just the right size with ample toppings. The burger was a little undercooked, but overall good. I had the popcorn shrimp, and though I thought the shrimp themselves were a little small, the breading and French fries were to die for, so I had no complaints.

After our evening feeding, we headed through Fisherman’s Wharf to Ghirardelli Square where we grabbed a little dessert. Because the sundae’s at the fountain are larger than you could imagine, we settled for milkshakes, one scoop sundaes, and Mom and Pops split a “Gold Rush.” If you ever have the chance to go to Ghirardelli Square, make sure you have room for some ice cream because it’s so worth the stomach room, and money lost from your wallet. The ice cream is some of the best, and the toppings are straight from the Ghirardelli candy shop, including the hot fudge, which is literally Ghirardelli chocolate melted and poured onto the ice cream.

After we could eat no more, we got back into the car and drove upwards to the famous Lombard Street; an east-west, one block, one-way street with not one, not two, but EIGHT hairpin turns, where you can see literally the ENTIRE city as you are driving down. I was too petrified to take any pictures, but if you ever go to San Francisco, this is another “must do.” However, I suggest walking.

Day Eight

Hump-day of our second week was a “girls’ day.” Mom, Anni and I got all dolled up, hopped on the Muni (with I guess what you could call minimal issues) and headed into town to meet Nan for lunch! We met at a Mexican restaurant called Rosa Mexicano, which has more than several locations around the US and the World. We started with chips and salsa, and table side crafted guacamole, which was to DIE for. If you’re not super hungry, this is a great option to share with friends, along with the amazing Sangria. For food we got a few plates to share amongst us; Ensalada Caesar de Pollo (Chicken Caesar Salad), Empanadas de Pollo con Chorizo (Chicken and Chorizo Empanadas), and Pollo Adobado, which is a deconstructed soft shell chicken taco, served with refried beans and rice. Despite the great guacamole, the food wasn’t as amazing as we expected, but it still served its purpose. The empanadas were the favorite, followed by the rice and beans. We didn’t leave hungry however, and everyone was happy come the end of the meal. It wasn’t the best meal we’ve had here, but it wasn’t horrible. If you’re looking for a place with good drinks and appetizers, this is a place to go.

After, we headed over to a local favorite, Philz Coffee. It’s a bustling place, where you order with a barista who literally grinds, brews, and makes your coffee right in front of you, pretty cool. I had the claim to fame, a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee, a minty, sweet and creamy coffee. Despite the strange flavor combination, it was actually really good. I was still just too full however, and couldn’t finish the whole thing.

After all our munching, we did a little shopping around the Embarcadero, and then headed home. Later on, finally feeling too bloated to function without exercise any longer, I set out on my first San Francisco run. I was a little intimidated of the hills, but since I usually run in hilly Worcester, I’m happy to report they were no match for me!


We’ve been doing a lot of eating around the city lately, and have had some REALLY good meals. San Francisco is definitely a city that you can eat your way around, with everything from Mexican, to Chinese dumplings, to Italian, everyone will find something they love. The next few days are going to be interesting, with mom’s friend Dawn Marie flying in from LA tonight, and a trip to Napa in the works for this weekend, the exploring has really only just begun.



“I love the Zoo!!”

Hello from (finally) sunny California! I can’t believe we’ve already been here a week, and what a week it was! We packed a LOT into seven days. We ate some more, traveled a bit, and explored this city to it’s depths.

Day five

Day five was a typical San Francisco day; cold, foggy, and no sun in sight. Everyone was a little bummed out from day five of fog and no sun, so we spent a good majority of the day on the couch inside the house. At night, we finally made our way down to the Golden Gate Park and explored a few of the many, many sections of the 1,017 acres. We parked out front the Botanical Gardens, and made our way to the carousel, which to our dismay was actually closed, and not 24/7 like the rumor we had heard. Disappointed, but unharmed, we walked around a bit, spied into the flower sanctuary, and then headed over to the Bison Paddock. Who knew that buffalo and bison could live in the middle of a giant city!

Day six

Day six was SUPPOSED to be a boat cruise around the San Francisco harbor, but because the boat was out of commission due to needing some work done (don’t we all?), we were forced to reschedule for Saturday. With this in mind, we just switched our Saturday plans to Friday, and hopped on the Muni L line for a few stops and spent the entirety of the day at the San Francisco Zoo! This was the most incredible zoo I’ve ever been to. If you plan on going, and you should if you come to the Bay Area, make sure to carve out an entire day (they’re open 10-5), as there are seven “sections” of the zoo, with every animal from giraffes, to meerkats to two different kinds of rhinos. It’s a beautiful zoo; clean, well managed and offers a lot. They have “train rides”, an aviary and even a carousel, not to mention five places to eat. Seriously, if you come to the Bay Area, this is a place you MUST check off on your list of things to do. Forget Southwicks, or even the National Zoo, this is the zoo to say you went to.





After the zoo and other respective activities (Mom and Anni went and actually TOURED the flower sanctuary), we all met back up at the house, piled into the van, and headed about 45 minutes south to Half Moon Bay. “HMB” somewhat resembles parts of Cape Cod, just beach houses, and a little “downtown” area filled with original shops, and a few restaurants. This little community rests in-between some crazy canyons, and (if at all possible), might actually be foggier than San Francisco itself. After walking along the cliffs on the beach, we all were hungry and stopped into Cameron’s Inn, Pub and Restaurant right off of Cabrillo Highway South. Dubbed by all a “must return”, this establishment is the DEFINITION of character. Beer cans line the wall, trivia games are provided at every table, karaoke is sung in the lounge, and the food is everything from traditional British fare to grilled cheese; there was something for everyone to enjoy, including the “World Famous Smoking Bus” parked out front. I had the fish and chips; growing up in New England I assumed I already had tasted the best, but Cameron’s proved me wrong, right down to the coleslaw and piece of calamari I stole from the plate next to me.

Day seven

A long day six turned into an even longer, and more eventful day seven. We started the day at Pier 33, where we boarded the Hornblower cruise ship for a tour of the San Francisco Harbor. As it turns out, we completely lucked out with having to change our cruise reservations because you could have not asked for a more beautiful day; sunny, and a perfect 70 degrees with slight wind. The Hornblower took us around the harbor, Alcatraz Island, and underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. From the boat, you can really see how truly beautiful this city is.




We docked back at the Pier around 4:00, and hopped on the F train towards Fisherman’s Wharf, an area along the harbor of shops, restaurants and tourist attractions. At this point we were getting more than a little hungry, and stepped in to a west coast staple, In-and-Out Burger. Obviously having never been to the west coast before, this was a first time experiance, and boy does the hype live up. We got two “Double Double’s” (double cheeseburger) and fries. In-and-Out isn’t a “sit down” place, it’s more like a mix between McDonald’s and Five Guys. Cheap, but better than “fast food”. The burgers were fresh and made to order, and for two doubles, two fries and a drink, we only paid $15. Definitely a place we recommend.


After our bellies were full up, we decided to take a walk along Fisherman’s Wharf to the famed Ghirardelli Square, yes, like the chocolate. It wasn’t hard to find, as after about five minutes of walking, you see a large Hollywood-esk sign overlooking the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Here you can shop inside the original chocolate shop, have an original Ghirardelli ice cream sundae at the Fountain, or explore some of the other shops and restaurants. Since we had just eaten, we declined an ice cream (though they looked amazing… and large), and made our way back once again to Pier 39 to do some souvenir shopping.



We got back to the house around 10:00 pm. Our original plan was to head to the pub down the block to try and catch a few minutes of UFC 200, but by the time we got back, it had already ended, not surprising considering we’re three hours behind. Regardless, we made our way down to Parkside Tavern to grab a beer anyway. Though I can’t speak for the food, the place was adorable, exactly like what you would expect to sit in at a pub in Britain. With cheap beer and friendly service, one could see why the bar was so busy, even far past midnight.

The last three days have been so far the most eventful, and adventurous. By the time we all woke up this morning, we were grateful to wake up to a nice sunny day that we all just spent on the back porch. Ryan leaves tomorrow, but the rest of us have a VERY busy week ahead, so keep your eye out for an update soon! Happy Sunday!

Hey, from across the way!

Hi everyone! So here lies my first blog all the way from San Fran! It’s taken a little longer than I hoped to be able to sit down and write, especially since we’re three hours behind you all at home. I’ve been here about four days now and all I can say is that this city, this side of the country, is simply amazing. I’ve had some great food, seen some beautiful sights, and watched some awesome sports.

Day 1

Our first day started off with a six hour flight from Logan to San Francisco International. Despite having to sit still for six hours in a seatbelt, it really wasn’t too bad. The view the whole ride was absolutely INCREDIBLE, especially when we flew over the Rockies; from 40,000 feet in the air, it was like nothing you’ve ever seen in your life.


When we arrived at the airport, since in our head it was actually dinner time, and having skipped lunch, the first thing on the agenda was to eat. Because SFO is not actually right in the middle of the city like Logan is, most, including us, choose to eat right inside the airport. With over 50 gourmet restaurants to choose from, there is something for literally every craving; from sushi to burgers, to vegan eats. We grabbed our bags at the carousel, and headed over to one of the courts. I hadn’t had much to eat all day, so I was really needing some protein, and a little place called Burger Joint caught my eye. For “fast food”, this place was awesome. You can get literally any kind of “cookout” food you want, cooked anyway you like. I got a cheeseburger, which comes with fries. The thing was huge, cooked perfectly, and all the ingredients were super fresh. Though this is “fast” food, be prepared to wait, as they cook the burgers to order.


After, we took an uber (a company started in San Fran!) over to the house we are staying at for the month, driving through the many, many neighborhoods of San Francisco. This place has more houses, and despite a large transit system, more cars than any other city I have ever been to. We arrived to the house, located in the Sunset District; about 30 mins by car to “Downtown”, and about a 15 minute walk to Ocean Beach. It’s an interesting area; all the houses are small and connected, look somewhat the same, but completely different at the same time. There are light rail stops every two blocks, and honestly everything you could ever need is within walking distance.

The night was filled with California wine, cheese, pizza, and hello’s, since I hadn’t seen my family since the previous Sunday, as they drove here!

Day Two

On our first full day, Independence Day, we didn’t do too much, as jet lag was still a bit of a problem, and some of us (who had been driving for seven days) really just needed a shower, and a break. Other than walking to (beautiful) Ocean Beach, exploring the neighborhood, and planning the rest of the week the Ryan is here with us, we really didn’t do much. Once it got dark, we had fun running around the neighborhood looking for fireworks in the sky, and watched a repeat of the Boston show on TV.


Day Three

Day three was our first real day of exploration. We filled our bellies with a nice home cooked meal (thanks mom), showered, and hopped on the MUNI (the transit system) on 28th St. and headed into town! The light rail here is just like the Green Line in Boston; above, and underground, but once you get farther into the city, there are many more options to get around town. From busses to historic trolleys, the MUNI is easier to use than driving a car.

We first headed over to Pier 39, one of San Francisco’s biggest tourist attractions right in the Port, directly across the bay from historic Alcatraz Prison. When I say tourist attraction, I mean it. There were THOUSANDS of people, but rightly so. The place is filled with shops, restaurants and places to explore. It’s so large that we didn’t even really get to experiance much of it since we were on a time restriction. We explored a little and grabbed a bite and beer at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (yes, like the movie), and headed over to AT&T Park, vowing to come back later in the week.


After a little fo-pa on the trains, we made it to the home of the San Francisco Giants! This was our first MLB game outside of Fenway, so it was an awesome experiance. The park is enormous, and very fan friendly”; with over a hundred of places to eat, including sit down places, play areas for the kids, and entertainment in-between innings to keep the fan’s attention. Although the Giant’s lost, it was a great time, and I would totally recommend going to a game if you’re in town. The big thing here, sworn by locals is Garlic Fries; french fries covered in chopped garlic and dill. After hearing about them from my sister, and seeing many fans with them in hand, we had to get them…and even by a picky eater they were dubbed a must have.


ay Four

By day four we were all already a little worn out. Still getting used to the area, we took the day to relax, take in a little hot tub time, and get stuff done around the house. Around 4 we all piled into the car, and sat in some good ol’ San Francisco traffic on our way to Briones Regional Park in Martinez, about 30 minutes over the Bay Bridge.

The park is incredible. You could hike for days and not see the whole thing. It’s basically just a big open ranching area, open for people, and cows, to roam. Buried in the middle of the valley, it’s a great place to explore, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


It’s safe to say that I’m already in love with this awesome city. Some of our favorite pastimes are listening to the train shake our dishes as it flies by (every 5 minutes) and sitting in the AMAZING jungle of a back yard (including in the hot tub since it’s about 55 degrees every day). It feels like a past home, one you could never afford to live in. Everyone is beyond friendly here, and cars actually stop for you to cross the busy city street. Though only a six hour plane ride away, and not too far off from home on the latitude scale, it’s a totally different world out here, something everyone should experiance. We’re looking forward to exploring more, including; Ghirardelli Square, finding the “Full House house”, and the San Francisco Zoo.

Stay tuned!

Once In Awhile

HOLA! (american accent) como estas? Well, we made it through the first full week of Summer 2016! Summer is always a love/hate thing for me. There’s nothing more I hate than heat, but also nothing more I love than adventuring and … Continue reading

Summertime sadness

Is anyone else getting really fed up with every-thing, and every-one that ever did exist?

I for one, know I am.

Once upon a time, there was a time, before Facebook, twitter and instagram, before the news terrorized and shaped our minds depending on the channel, before people thought it was necessary to share every single one of their political views.

There was a time, though I can hardly remember it now, that I actually didn’t mind leaving the house, socializing with people, spending time out in the world, but those times have become few and far in-between now. I’m always antsy, always irritated, and always feeling overwhelmed, for absolutely no reason at all.

We’re just always so concerned about laws, whether they’re ethical or not, if Jennifer Anniston is having a baby at 47 and “That bitch Patrice…” posted an “insta” with your ex, that we forgot how to simply just ENJOY life.

I was a good student in college, I graduated with a double major, cum laude, but I was not happy. I can tell you that college was the most miserable 4 years of my life. Why? Society made it so. The cost, the competition, the constant feelings of failure, not keeping up, or not being far enough ahead. But, I didn’t expect someone to fix it all for me.

This is a society that we have created ourselves, but we love to blame each other for. College costing too much, mass shootings are caused by guns, trans-gendered people shouldn’t be allowed to use the bathrooms they want.

We as a society don’t have the balls to take credit for what we have fucked up, how we have hurt each other, and how we have hurt ourselves.

We are often too worried about the “next big job” or where we want to be in five years, that we can’t even learn to just focus one day at a time, one problem at a time. It’s not too difficult to fix, if we all just work together.

There is no rush to be successful, if we can be successful in our own minds. That is what matters.

I took this summer off, from working and school, to learn how to be just that, successful in my own mind, and even after a month in, I still don’t know how to do that.

Though I do not believe I have anyone to blame for this but myself, but I have let my brain become completely wired to measure success upon other people’s, countries, accomplishments….where did that come from, and why? Who taught me/us that, where did I/we learn that, WHY as a society do we DO this? Everything we do, say, feel, see, has to be compared to others, and what they do, say, feel and see. Why can’t we just be accepting of who WE are, and of who OTHERS are? 

Why can’t people just do what we were thought in 1st grade, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Just a thought.